On March 10, 2008 at the Club meeting, a $50,000 check was presented to Rotary International President, Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, in support of the campaign to eradicate polio.
$40,000 of the contribution was made by the Club and its members with Provena St. Joseph Hopital and Sherman Hospital each contributing $5,000.  "While great success in polio education, immunization and ultimately, elimination, has occurred, there is still much work to be done to reach the Rotary International's original goal of total eradication of polio," Michael McKay, President of the Rotary Club of Elgin, said. "The Elgin partnership that has formed to assist this global objective is a true testimony of the concern and compassion of both Provena Saint Joseph Hospital and Sherman Health for the health of individuals world-wide." Since 1985, Rotary International has worked intensely on increasing awareness and raising funds to fight the high incidence of polio world-wide. In 1995, Rotary International created the PolioPlus Partners Program whose primary purpose was to provide financial support of international polio immunization. In 2000, Rotary International, the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) formed a partnership to greatly strengthen the eradication program. Thanks to the dedication of these organizations, as of November 2007, there were only four countries with the incidence of polio at an endemic proportion: Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan. Earlier this year, Rotary Club of Elgin president, Michael McKay approached both Provena Saint Joseph Hospital president and CEO, Bill Brown and Sherman Health president and CEO, Rick Floyd with the objective to create a partnership to financially support the PolioPlus initiative. "Rotary International's polio eradication effort has been of the great success stories in world health," Rick Floyd, president of Sherman Health commented. "We are pleased to join with Provena Saint Joseph Hospital in contributing to complete victory over polio." Both hospital presidents eagerly agreed and were be represented at the check presentation on March 10. "While Provena Saint Joseph Hospital is deeply committed to the communities we are privileged to serve, as a faith-based, Mission driven healthcare organization, our commitment to provide healing and hope transcends far beyond the Elgin area," Bill Brown, president of Provena Saint Joseph Hospital, said. "It is an honor to partner with highly-regarded organizations, like Rotary International and Sherman Health, on such a worthy cause." Rotary International will match the joint contribution at 50 cents on the dollar which will result in a $75,000 pledge. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will then provide a 100% match to that contribution resulting in a $150,000 pledge to PolioPlus Partners Program.