Our Club's Paul Harris Fellows as of 07/10/2015
PHF Plus 8 PHF Plus 3
Karen Beyer Carol Gieske
Terry Dunning Tom Hannula
Ralph Helm John Juergensmeyer *
Jerry Hoover Earl Lamp
Rick Jakle Fred Ledebuhr*
Sharon Jakle Carole Medal
Dave Mengler* Sue Moylan
Craig Rueckert Leo Nelson
Craig Stokely Cathy Nuehalfen
  John Regan
  Steve Laird
PHF Plus 6  
Ben Brown PHF Plus 2
  Roger Bear*
PHF Plus 5 Dave Burisek
Harry Blizzard Jim Johnston
Tom Johannesen Dave Underwood
Randy Brittain   
PHF Plus 4  
Hratch Basmadjian PHF Plus 1
Laurie Bitter Jay Curtis
Ted Heise
Jaime Garcia
Carl Lundstrom  Rick Mogler
Frank Transue Bruce Pullen
  Dr. David Sams
  Robert Spellmeyer*
* You are missed (deceased)
The Paul Harris Fellowship is named for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary with three business associates in Chicago in 1905.
Please see the Page "What is a Paul Harris Fellow?" for more information about the award and different levels of recognition.